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thexiaolang's Journal

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小狼 Xiao Lang || Li Shaoran (AU)

Character: Li Shaoran (Xiao Lang)
Series/Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Original or Alternate: Alternate
Age: 18 now 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Barracks Assignment: Dor-Ennea
Player's LJ: meruberri
He has messy brown hair that is cut short. His right eye is brown the other is covered by an eyepatch. His arms are covered with scribbly red tattoos.
Thanks to the events of this log those tattoo thigys no longer appear, since the darkness that they kept in was removed and sealed inside a card.

Mainly he dresses in dark colors, mostly black and some dark green.
ANTISOCIAL. He is brave, loyal, and has a great sense of duty. But this Shaoran is much, much darker than his original. To protect the woman he loved as well as the world, he allowed himself to be held captive and tortured for years. When he finally escaped, in his rage he killed heartlessly and then shut himself from the rest of humanity.
Abilities/Strengths: He has the ability to sense Clow Cards and is a skilled martial artist, swordsman (using a Chinese jian), and sorcerer. His magical abilities are centered around elemental spells using his sword or a collection of ofuda. (AU! New dark side powers, that aren't as strong as the good side powers.)

Weapons: a sword, the lunar Clow Cards(Windy, Watery, Dark, Shield, Erase, Time, Bubbles, Dark, Dream, Fight, Freeze, Illusion, Jump, Lock, Loop, Maze, Mist, Power, Rain, Return, Shadow, Silent, Sleep, Snow, Storm, Twin and Wave), elemental spells (fire, wind, water, lightning), and martial arts

Weaknesses: He has some difficulty reading Japanese. His overconfidence can lead to underestimating his opponent. His blind side. He worries about Sakura so he would never want to do anything that could put her danger or lose her. This Shoaran does a lot of angsting.
Shaoran's mother, Yelan, was a direct descendant of Clow Reed, the legendary sorcerer who created the Clow Cards. She married the heir of the Li clan, the most prominent family in Hong Kong and the rulers of its business empire, and had five children. The youngest and the only boy, inheriting his mother's magical talents and his father's strength of character, Shaoran was, from birth, destined to be the next leader.

But his father died early and instead he grew up under the tutelage of Feiwong, his mother's older brother, who had him trained rigorously in magic and martial arts. When he was ten, he was sent to Tomoeda, a small town in Japan, to retrieve the Clow Cards - the mysterious magical artifacts their ancestor had left behind. There, he found himself competing with Sakura, who had been appointed by Keroberos as the Card Captor. From rivals, they became friends, and even lovers, going through many magical adventures together. Their last escapade was against the 53rd Card, called The Nothing.

Around a year after Sakura sealed the last Card, Shaoran was summoned back to Hong Kong. Before he left, he christened Sakura with the name Ying Fa, and in turn, she started calling him Xiao Lang. While in Hong Kong, he discovered a sinister plot by one of the Elders that would put Sakura's life in danger - his uncle, of all people, wanted to take the Card Mistress' powers for himself and use it for personal gain. On the night of his thirteenth birthday, he set out to challenge Feiwong and put an end to his madness, but he failed. He lost his left eye during their fight and ended up his uncle's hostage, Feiwong demanding that Sakura be brought to Hong Kong in exchange.

So Shaoran remained in captivity for years, tortured repeatedly by Feiwong, and his bond with Sakura was the only thing that kept him alive. When she was pulled into Econtra, however, their bond was broken, and to him it felt like she had died. In a rage, he managed to tap into some kind of dark magic he never knew existed in him, enough to break free from his prison and escape, heartlessly killing Feiwong and his minions along the way.

He had been carrying the symbols of his painful past since then - the tattoo-like magical imprints on both his arms, marks of the darkness he carried within him, and the eyepatch over his left eye.

He went away to grieve, as he still believed that Sakura was dead. And he was in that state when he was pulled into Econtra.
Ying Fa (AU!Sakura) - scarredmistress - Fiancee Wife
AU!Li Meilin - cynicalmeilin - Cousin
AU!Li Sheifa - sheifa - sister, not really

All dropped T_T

OU!Princess Sakura - featheroflight - is a Sakura
OU!Ssil - lillostlizard - roommate
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